Unreal Engine for Film, TV and Game Production Workshop Series: World Building in Unreal for Virtual Production

Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 6-8 pm, Monday, June 3 - Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Duration: 2hrs per session x 8 sessions, 16hrs (1 month)

Facilitator: Thiago Carneiro <[email protected]>

In this workshop, you'll explore the fundamentals of crafting immersive worlds within Unreal Engine, tailored for animation, gaming, visual effects, and virtual productions. Alongside, we'll embark on two in-workshop projects designed to enhance your skills: one focusing on utilizing Quixel assets to construct a bustling urban environment and the other delving into leveraging Unreal Engine's landscape tools to create breathtaking exterior nature vistas. Participants will gain expertise in scene creation, lighting techniques, material application, seamless 3D model importing, and crafting virtual cameras for captivating cinematic sequences.

**all workshops require these specific hardware and software configurations**

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If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Romero at [email protected].

Refunds less an administrative fee of $100.00 will be provided until June 3, 2024.
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